Thursday, March 12, 2015

Dehydrating, Dehydrated, Dehydrate, Dried Limes

First off, I thought I had posted on this years ago but when I went back looking, I could find a post on dehydrating citrus here, and one on freezing lime juice here.

I guess I hadn't done one specifically on just dehydrating limes for future use. I also wanted to freeze a peeled lime sliced like in the video and see how it came out in water after but forgot to try it. 

The video will explain most of what I am going to show in a quick form but the pictures and explanations more in detail could help some and I didn't say all the ideas I have on the video so here is today's post. 
I shared that I got some limes as an overage from our local food bank. I shared them around town and kept some for me to dehydrate and juice as the juice I did from the last batch a few years back is almost gone. 

I LOVE having lime or lemon juice in my water and soda or soft drinks. I also use the juice in my rice recipes posted about here. Lemon Garlic Wild Rice but just put lime in rather than lemon juice.
Arugula Rice here.  
Shawarma Filipino Rice here.

In all those recipes, just put in lime juice rather than lemon.   

When I freeze them in cubes, an entire cube is too much for one recipe so I break the cube down depending on how much rice I am making. 

I decided that I would like some dehydrated rather than just frozen in case the power went out and we lost our freezer. In this case, I froze some with the peel on to put in tea and the rest, I peeled first and then dehydrated them.  

I think they look like a flower somewhat when dried. I also show dehydrated blackberries and figure you can add both dried limes and berries to water to give it some color and just drop some of the frozen juice in to give it flavor. I also froze some of the black berries to toss in as well. The dehydrated ones would take forever to plump up and have less flavor and color.

What I will do with the dehydrated limes is to grind them up into a powder and just drop some of the powder into the recipe instead of taking up freezer space, I get the same flavor and save space.

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