Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Brazilian Limeade - VERY Good

I got a large box of limes from an overage at our local food bank. I volunteer there and when they have an overage of items that they can't give out before it goes bad, they call me and I distribute it to local families so the items don't go to waste. I am adding a video on today's post that I am going to post on tomorrows post as well for those that just search either/or post can find the video.

I distributed all the limes and the same week I was distributing black berries and one woman asked if I made any limeade with the limes I got. I told her I froze the juice and dehydrated them all so I didn't have any fresh to make the limeade with. 

She gave me back some of the limes I had given her and texted me this recipe for Brazilian Limeade for me to try.

The other day when Princess and her friend made those yummy gluten free cookies, I asked if they wanted to try this recipe as well and they said they did. I will post the recipe as she gave it to me but I actually liked making half the recipe as there are only two of us home so half was just perfect for us to enjoy. 

Brazilian Limeade

4 limes
1 cup sugar
6 cups cold water
6 T sweeten condensed milk

Mix half of the water, half of the sugar and two of the limes cut into 8ths into the blender with the peels on. Pulse the mixture about five times ensuring that the limes are chopped but not pulverized smooth. Pour into a pitcher through a fine mesh strainer. throw away the pulp.

Repeat the process and when you have both halves into the pitcher, I strained them a second time. Mix in the sweeten condensed milk Serve over ice.
When we made the first half, I didn't see that we were supposed to wait to put the milk in and we put it in the blender. It didn't seem to make much difference as we did it the other way for the second half. The only thing is it made it a bit foamy in the blender. 

Also, I think that I should have dried the lime chunks that we strained out as it had sugar in it. I think it would have given great taste to rice in the rice cooker and being dried, it wouldn't take up fridge or freezer space but would still give that citrus flavor to the lime cilantro rice. 

As you can see from the photos, the the pulpy stuff wouldn't have been bad to use for that.

I took before and after pictures of the girls trying it thinking it would be somewhat bitter but it wasn't. It was really good and creamy. 

The condensed milk gave it a creamy texture and we all had a consensus that it was too sweet. I think maybe 1/4 cup of sugar would do as the sweetened milk gave it extra sweetness. 

Just try half a batch first and then if it is too sweet, omit some of the sugar for the second half so it will dilute the first sweeter half.   

We didn't want to make another batch just then and we weren't sure what to do with the rest of the can of sweeten condensed milk so I froze it in the snack ziplock baggies for later use making more limeade as we still had some limes left. 

I poured the amount for one batch in each smaller bag and then put all the smaller bags into a larger bag in case they leaked in the freezer. 

Now, to make another batch, we only have to pull out one of those bags and just drop it in.

I did write on the bags I froze as I have on occasion forgotten what it was I froze and when frozen, it kind of looks like frozen breast milk. 

Not that I have any of that in my freezer at the moment but when Princess One comes, that could happen.

Princess Five's friend said she wanted more later and I think this will be something we will make again and again as it really was simple and tasty. 

I put the left overs in the fridge and they did need a good stir before pouring into glasses the next day as the milk settled on the bottom but it still had a great flavor and we enjoyed it just as much the second day. 

I have really been enjoying trying all these new recipes. I think I will have to talk Princess Five into helping me try new recipes during the summer as we don't always have time during the school year. 

She and her friend had a fun day in the kitchen and I was glad to get the recipes off my "pile of to-do's" that sits in the kitchen drawer.

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