Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Apron out of a towel - New Idea

I have seen bibs made of towels in the past and one of my favorite bibs for the girls was made out of a dish towel and they cut out a hole and sewed on stretchy binding and it could be pulled over their head. 

I guess this idea was similar. They cut the top corners of a towel and sewed on some fabric for the arm holes and ties. It is a simple pattern but an easy way to make an apron if you were making lots of them and it is also absorbent and you can wipe your hands dry on it. 

Also, I thought you could use the sections you cut out and make the cut sections into pockets and sew them on the front of the apron.

I found it at a second hand store and a stranger held it up for me to take a picture. Fun idea for a tired me. I am super tired tonight so I found this easy post that I have had for awhile.

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