Monday, May 2, 2016

Taking a Week Off April 25 - April 29 For Funeral and Estate Stuff

Last week, we had my mothers funeral and we cleaned out my mothers apartment and 2 storage closets. I didn't have wi-fi at her apartment and spent nearly 24/7 cleaning and sorting items for my family so we could be out of her apartment by May 1st so we wouldn't have to pay rent for May. We also cleaned out her two storage closets and for the most part, everything is now distributed. There were some "collection" items that we are waiting for appraisal's on but hopefully that will be taken care of in the next month or so. 

I haven't been this tired in a long time. You know I am tired all the time but my youngest sister and I did nearly all the sorting and pulling out for the other family members who couldn't "deal" with the stuff which gave us no sleep for over a week but hopefully, with the majority of the stuff gone, now there are about 25 boxes of papers that need to be sorted further and then scanned etc. 

I have tons of boxes of stuff to go through I brought home as my sisters couldn't get together to go through stuff so my youngest sister and I will have the duty to sort through that as well. 

It seems like I have been the major force through sorting through my mother "stuff" over the years as we cleaned out her several houses but I am so tired this week of fighting everyone about her papers and hoarding that I actually suggested throwing it all out and being grateful for what I have done on the scanning and sorting front so far. I will post more later on the funeral etc but basically, we wouldn't have had any of the items we did for her funeral if I hadn't forced the issues of sorting, cleaning out, refinishing etc. Now that the funeral is over, I don't know that I have it in me to spend more months of my life working on more. 

Perhaps in time, but really, who wants to store it for more time. I have stuff in my closet, by my bed, under my bed, in my garage, at my sisters, now at my brothers and there is so much that hasn't been sorted, then resorted and broken into "groups" for further scanning and organizing. 

My internet was out when I got home this weekend and I was on with my service provider past midnight to get it up so I could post. As you know, if you read my blog, that I have had problems with it when it rains or snows for years but it was so bad this past weekend with storms all last week that it would only come on for a few seconds before going down again. They are sending someone again to come see if they can find where the line is leaking. I installed a new modem and router hoping that this one won't need to be reset each time the internet goes out like my older one did. It isn't any faster as my upload of pictures to the internet has taken over an hour and I can't post them still and wonder if I will be able to at all as I have had problems with that for years as well. I slept from 9 p.m. to nearly noon the next day and have had to be up early for the few days after that but still, I just want to sleep. So tired that I dragged all day and wanted to be in bed before nine but with the internet issues, it is nearly 2 a.m. I hope the repair guy doesn't come early!

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