Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Making Favors with Magnets - Flying Bird Quotes

I was up most of the night last night working on something that had a deadline so between helping girls this week, and getting some hand outs ready for Princess Five, I have had a busy week. 

I got a great call and notification today from Princess Two. If you read yesterday's post, you know that she was told they are creating a full time position for her. She was contacted this morning about a full time job she applied for on last Monday (before hearing about them creating a job for her) since she needed a job with benefits and she got notice that she has an interview! 

So, another potential job offer in May. I told her that perhaps just being willing to move jobs when she really loves her job now but needs benefits was all it took mentally for her to be able to move forward and get offered the full time job at the place she works now.  

Also, maybe she will be offered more money because she could have another offer. Who knows how these things work, it just seems that God is in charge and I think he is getting some help from my mother! 

Today, I have been helping Princess Five find outfits to wear as she wants to compete in some local beauty pageants. None of my girls have ever competed in them so this is all new to me. My sister shared some pointers as her daughter was in some royalty in our town so she has some insights. 
She suggested that we make some "good luck" favors so I shared how we made the magnets out of shower curtain hooks in this post here.

I looked for a good "flying" or bird quote that may inspire the girls and printed them up with a good luck from Princess. I also am using them as "thank you" notes for those hosting them so I printed up some "thank you" notes on the bottom as well. 
It is nice having them done but between that and looking for dresses, clothes, shoes, jewelry and how she can do her hair by herself for four different on stage moments, we have been really busy and the week is just starting.  

I show how to make several different favor cards up and try different ribbons to see which you like the most before making a ton and realizing you don't like how they look. I made several up and had Princess Five tell me which she liked the most and I went with that. She helped where she could but she has so much going on that I am doing what I can to help her. 

I love that I was able to get the scrap paper I used for $2 for a bunch and the ribbon I used both from second hand stores. It is wonderful that we are blessed even in our small town to have a great second hand store. Princess One is in a small town and doesn't have that blessing in her world so we truly are grateful for that as so much of our blessings in life come from those type stores. 

Not sure how great my posts will be this week as it is after 5 a.m. now and I am so tired. I have so much I am still doing with my mothers estate. Someone broke in and stole her most valuable belongings the week of her death and I was on the phone today trying to figure out witnesses and who to contact etc. Sad that even in death, my mothers life has tragedy. I will be grateful when I can say I am through with my mothers "stuff" but don't think that will be for a very long time! 

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