Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Did She Really Get Pinned? - Oh Yeah

I posted yesterday how I went out of town and while there, I got to see the Norman Rockwell Exhibit. I didn't give details as to why I was visiting the big city. I hope you get the musical reference in the title from a "Bye Bye Birdie" song.

I have a niece who is similar to me in many ways. She is the second daughter. She is very outspoken and to the point when needed but at other times can be quite. She dated someone whose family's first language was Portuguese and migrated to America from another country. She considered marrying him but I shared some of my situations with her as I did marry someone whose family migrated to America and whose first language was Portuguese and obviously, it didn't end well for me. In the end for whatever reason, she chose not to marry that man. 

She is also like me in that she is now an RN! She graduated from nursing school this past week. She asked me about six months ago if I would be willing to go to her graduation and "pin" her. They suggested to them that they ask the RN who was an inspiration or role model for them. 

I was TRULY honored that she would ask me to do that for her. There were several moms and aunts in the group who pinned a loved one. I really didn't know that they still did that. At my graduation many years ago, they did the "passing of the candle" but with all the fire regulations, even back then, we had to just turn our candle on when the "nurse" came to us.

I LOVED that it wasn't with the entire college and that they just did it for the nursing students. I didn't take up my camera because I knew her family would be there but they just used phones so I was a bit disappointed with the pictures but they had a photographer there taking pictures so hopefully she will get a few good ones for her scrap book. 

I loved getting to see her accomplish this goal that she has been working on for years. She worked very hard to pay for school and I smiled one day when visiting, and written on her mirror where she got ready, were body parts and systems in white board marker. It took me back to the years when I would study at every traffic light while driving etc. 

It is a huge accomplishment as neither of her parents graduated college so I am really proud of her dedication to follow her dreams and she has already been offered a job on a labor and delivery floor. I guess I won't be getting those odd hour phone calls when she would call asking a medical question anymore.... 

She looked beautiful and it was great to see my mom and dad and step-mom and other family. I don't often get to the city to see them much anymore. I am still so tired I hate driving and with the car issues we have had, it just hasn't happened much. 

I had a wonderful day in the city with amazing things to do and see. I know great things are in her future and I am truly proud of the woman she has become! Hurrah for the new RN!

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