Monday, January 18, 2016

Testifying of God - Does That Make Me Crazy

Over the past few months, as you know if you follow my blog, I have posted lots about the parasite I have been diagnosed with. I have named it "The Kraken" but is actually horsehair nematomorpha which is a gordian worm INSECT parasite.. 

In some of my videos, I mentioned that some of the things I have done to treat the parasites have been answers to prayers I have made asking for help to know what to do about these horrible "Kraken" that have infested my life.  I guess believing in a higher being makes me crazy. Or perhaps, they think that people praying is OK but thinking that I (or anyone) could get an answer may be what they think makes me crazy. I have had more than one person attack me for my beliefs.

I had someone write me as I was about to write today's blog post and rather than telling you the story about what he said and what I said, I have just clipped and pasted the conversation here. I truly respect Torrance for the way he worded his question as it was far kinder than some previous commenters. Here is his questions:
"thesecretisgratitude with respect and curiosity, may i ask how you knew he answered you and that you didn't just think of the idea of using the peroxide yourself?
regardless, I respect everyone's belief as well so i don't want you to get the wrong idea"

Here is my reply: 
"Hi Torrance, I have no problem with you asking.  There are times I think of things and know I thought of them. Then, there are things I have thought about for a LONG time, and I have no thoughts.
When I get stumped with those type of things, I will often pray to get an answer. Of course, I have done research, tried things and then when I haven't been able to come up with anything, that is when I pray. I believe in a "higher" being and many times when I pray, some thought will come into my head that I would NEVER have thought of on my own.

Since I am not a big user of hydrogen peroxide and have probably had one bottle in my house for over five years and really haven't used it for much of anything, putting it on my skin would NEVER be something I would think to do EVER! However, I prayed for help with these parasites as they have gotten worse and worse and the many parasite tests we were doing (at that point) were coming up negative for the two main parasites with the same symptoms I was having. Those were thread worm (strongyloides) and hook worm.

I had done EVERYTHING the Dr and any of the lab techs and workers had suggested. The tests kept coming back with "?" or "no known human parasite" they weren't saying they weren't seeing a parasite, as we sent up many of them, but just saying they didn't know what it was they were seeing!

It was at that point that I prayed and had the thoughts come to my mind to try what I did. Even now, I would never on my own think to spray my skin with peroxide, it just doesn't seem like something I or anyone would do. I have been a nurse for 20+ years and have never heard of anyone doing anything like that. I sprayed for hours. Why would I do that without a good reason as nothing showed up for hours so why keep spraying? So, I KNOW it was in answer to my prayer as I couldn't know to do that, I would never think to do that.

BUT, isn't it amazing that after doing what I "FELT" or was "inspired" to do after prayer, I had immediate and such amazing results so that my Dr. could easily see the parasites under the skin! How many people have been told by Dr.'s that they are crazy because they can "feel" things crawling under their skin? I have people writing me on my blog and on youtube privately that have ALL or many of the symptoms I have. I KNOW they aren't making it up as there are some symptoms I have never written about and they tell me about them and they couldn't know I have those additional symptoms.

Also, two people told me what their parasite looked like before I ever had mine posted or described it online. There are many people with this parasite but since diagnosis is so difficult, they are told they are crazy.

I appreciate you taking the time to ask me that question rather than just making comments about me being "crazy" as some have.

If you had to describe the taste of salt to someone who had never tasted salt, how would you describe it without using the word "salt" in your description. That is how I feel about prayer. If people have never had an experience with prayer, it is hard to describe the "feeling" one gets when a prayer is being answered.

I have seen miracles in my life over and over through prayer and ever time I hit a stop with this parasite, I have prayed and been inspired to do something and then it moves forward again. Even posting it online was after prayer when things "stopped" again with no successful treatments.

It is embarrassing to put that much detail and personal information online but I "felt" like I need to do it so I did it. Now, I can understand why I would need to put it online. MANY people are having problems with parasites and not getting answers.

I posted in my blog this past week about one of my first experiences with having a prayer answered when I was stranded as an exchange student in a foreign country and needed help. Here is a link to that post.

I KNOW God exists and cares about each of us. I believe HE is my Father in Heaven and I believe in Jesus Christ. If I am Christian and believe Christ died for me, wouldn't He be able to help me with my health problems?

I don't think His love is religion specific. He loves each of us. If you were stuck and asked your father for help, don't you think he would do all in his power to help you? I believe God wants to help us but most of us don't know how to ask or don't know how to listen for the answer.

I know this is lengthy but somethings just take time to answer. Some think I am crazy, but that doesn't change the fact that many people have the symptoms and medical science hasn't figured this out yet. I hope I have been able to answer your question fully, but if not, feel free to ask more. I wish you well in whatever is going on in your world that you were looking up parasites online!"
There have been many times on youtube I have replied to the "Crazy" comments and other times, I "feel" like I am not to reply. I can't tell you "how" I know which to reply to and which to ignore other than a "feeling" but perhaps some are seeking truth and others are just looking for a fight. Maybe "HE" has me answer those looking for truth and ignore those looking for a fight. It is interesting to me though that three parasite posts are in the top viewed of my videos and I have over 278 videos so there are LOTS of people who are searching "parasites" online and if you weren't suffering from parasites, would you be looking up videos about parasites to watch on them? NO! So obviously there is a problem and people are suffering with no help from medical science or they would be cured and wouldn't need to search online.
 Most of the views on my videos are men (53%) and the U.S. has almost 90,000 more views than the next country. The UK and Canada are more than triple the next viewing countries in second and third place. So my guess is, that I am NOT the only person in the civilized nations with this problem!    

I have an update on the parasites planned soon. I want to share what has been going on with the parasites and am waiting on some things that are in the works. PRAY (yes, pun on the post) for everyone involved that people start to take a look at this and we can find a cure and an easy diagnostic test for the Kraken!

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