Friday, January 1, 2016

New Years Eve Project - Ceaning Marker Off Chalk Boards, White Board, Magnet Board

With my mother being sick today, we didn't do much. I got her prescription and nursed her all day. She wasn't into eating much but did drink several glasses of broth. 

We played a few games and planned on watching a movie and doing a pedicure but my mom was really having a hard time tonight so we didn't get to everything.

Princess Four collects Sesame Street and I found this cute magnet board, white board, chalk board and alphabet board for $1 at a second hand store. Princess Four said she would like it if I could clean it up. I bought it hoping I could figure out how to clean it off. 

I have used mineral spirits / turpentine to get marker off items. I have used fingernail polish before depending on the background material. I couldn't use that on the chalkboard one as it is green chalk board paint. If I used fingernail polish remover, it would have taken the green paint off the metal magnet board.
I made a video of how the mineral spirits take off the marker with a bit of elbow grease as you have to rub a bit to get it off but don't use any fingernail or sharp object. Just use a paper towel and keep using a new corner until it is dirty and then use a new corner.  

Once the chalk board is clean, you can use a fine layer of coconut oil to shine it up and rub it off so there isn't a greasy mess. I have a post about the older slate chalk boards here.

The white board was cleaned using the mineral spirits as well. Then, I used a piece of sand paper to lightly sand the marker off the wood boarder. I didn't have to do much sanding to get it clean. Now, I can either stain it, leave it natural wood or I can paint it depending on what Princess Four wants it to look like. 

There were a few scratches on the green paint and there is a way to "fix" that. You can use fingernail polish if you can find a color that is close, use a thin paint brush and clean it with polish remover after. 

Or, you can find a close green paint at a craft store and mix in colors to get a better match. Once you have a close match, then use a thin paint brush and paint the scratch.

I wish I had a bigger exciting post for today but I thought it was SUPER cool that today, the first day of the year was 1501 posts. Pretty Fun that the last day of the year was post 1500!~

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